Sue Mackender



About me...


Born in the pretty village of Wye, Kent and now live in Surrey with my second husband – who just happened to be the best man at my first wedding! Can’t wait to write that story!

I’ve switched careers a few times over the decades: children’s nanny, birthing partner in a maternity hospital, medical receptionist running a busy orthopaedic clinic, and owned two recruitment agencies.
In 2005, I sold my business and started writing my first novel while in recovery from an illness. It was the best thing I ever did and has turned out to be the most exciting job in the world. Dyslexia has proved a challenge, but then so did learning how to rollerskate!

Most embarrassing claim to fame? In 1977 I coined the phrase, ‘A moment on the lips – a lifetime on the hips’ for a McVitie’s Chocolate Biscuit competition. My prize? A supermarket dash – two minutes to rush round throwing everything (expensive!) I could grab into my trolley, much to the embarrassment of my sons when a photo of ‘Supersonic Sue’ appeared in the local paper.

Even greater fame! In 1980 I appeared on breakfast and evening TV, Radio 2 and national and local newspapers after I dared to play snooker with a girlfriend in an all-male club. We were banned for a year but the Equal Rights Movement made it all public. Ah, another book idea perhaps.

But if you love engaging plots that stretch over the generations and women who challenge dramatic events that change their lives, I think you’ll enjoy reading my novels. I write gritty fiction – there are no fluffy clouds and hazy sunsets, just an honest reason to find answers and truths no matter what the risk.

Accident of Fate was followed by Accident of Birth in 2017. The location settings are Surrey, East and West Sussex, and Malta.

For myself I like to read sagas, crime, and the odd rom-com.

Biggest fear? Stag beetles – even typing this makes me shudder.
I sing loudly, making up the words because I don’t know them, and still think I’m a disco-diva, much to my family’s mortification. Maybe I should stick to writing novels!