Sue Mackender

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Accident of fate


Escaping a difficult past, Joanna Lane meets gallery owner Marcus Tierney and falls in love. When they adopt baby Adam they set in motion a chain of events that opens a Pandora’s box.

Lizzie Owen is growing up in a dysfunctional family when a terrible accident leaves her in the hands of charmer, Liam Riley.

Ava, a world-renowned artist, takes Liam Riley as a lover. Imogen, her daughter, has always had her sights on Liam, and her obsession becomes more sinister as time passes.

As love and lives converge, Joanna finds herself caught between loyalty and integrity as she battles to unravel secrets for the sake of her family’s happiness.
Every link in the chain of events leads straight back to one person – Liam Riley.

I couldn’t put this down (5 stars)
— The Reader from Surrey, Amazon

Accident of Birth


Sasha Chase must flee her sociopathic boyfriend Adam Tierney. Her only hope is her grandmother Ava Chase, but she lives in Malta. Can Sasha get there without Adam finding her before it’s too late? They have done a terrible thing and she knows she will be punished for it.

Motorway cop Ned Wilson has seen all sorts of carnage on the M25 but what he’s not expecting to find is a new-born baby girl abandoned in a crashed bread lorry. More importantly – what has happened to the baby’s mother?

Adam Tierney has tried cashing in on his father Liam Riley’s good looks but has lost everything and it’s all Sasha’s fault. Wherever she is, he will find her.

Totally riveted to the story (5 stars)
— Bookworm, Amazon